What You Need to Know About Page Flipper Software

Page Flipper Software is a rich media application that allows its users to create a digital publication or book with the feel of an actual paper book. Page Flipper Software can be used in a variety of industries, most notably in the publishing industry, where it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It is a new way of reading and distributing content. It is simple to use, interactive, and has many great features. In short, it creates publications that can be viewed online in a similar way to reading a printed book or magazine.

Page flip software is the software that allows you to convert your PDF files into page flipping books and magazines. This software is easy to use and helps you to make attractive digital catalogues. It helps in creating attractive e-books, brochures, and other documents with complete details along with images.

There are many benefits of using page flipper software such as:

  • It helps in creating an attractive magazine or book
  • It is time saving and cost effective
  • You can easily add rich media to your digital publication
  • It helps in creating perfect digital books that have a flipping effect.


Adding interactivity to your publications increases reader engagement and satisfaction. Using this software you can add links, videos, audio and images to your documents. A flipping book allows you to add YouTube videos inside your publication. You can also create an interactive timeline by adding links not only to pages but also to elements on your pages.

Accessible from any device

Your publication will be accessible from any device with a browser without having to install any additional software or plug-ins. This software has different versions available for desktops, tablets and smartphones. By using our HTML5 viewer, you can make sure that your readers will have a smooth viewing experience no matter what device they use.

Some of the features of Page flip software include:

Compatible with all operating systems and devices

Your flipbook is readable on all devices – smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. Further, it is readable on all operating systems and browsers. In this way, you can increase your reach.

Drag-and-drop interface for easy production

You can upload your PDFs in the flipping page software with an easy drag and drop feature. You can also upload your audio and video files in the same way.


You can show the preview of your flipbook to your readers and potential readers so as to boost readership and subscriptions.

Advanced editing tools

You can customize the template, background, color, and more with the help of advanced editing tools of the software.

Rich media inclusion

You can include images, audios, videos, pop-ups, and more in your flipbooks to increase the user reading experience.

Share the publication online with social networks You can share your digital publication on different social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more to boost your brand awareness. You can also build your web community with the help of social sharing.

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