Top 5 benefits of using a PDF to flipbook converter online

This article focuses on the top benefits offered by a PDF to flipbook converter online. Further, it focuses on why you should give up PDFs and use digital flipbooks for your business.

The days of PDFs are long gone. At the present time, it is very important for you as an owner of a forward-thinker business to look for alternatives of PDF files in order to look more professional. Let us accept the fact that PDFs are static and boring. The format of PDF files does not go with the needs of the present day users. It is very important that how your users have your content experience. It basically makes your brand image in their minds. A great way to powerfully present your content in front of your customers is a digital flipbook. And for this, you can use any PDF to flipbook converter online.

1. Editing

Not to mention, PDF files are not easy to edit. They are basically perceived as an image, which is why they are difficult to work with. You have to use special programs to edit the PDF files. And more often than not, these software programs are not free of cost. On the other hand, editing is like a walk in the park when it comes to digital flipbooks. Anybody can edit them without any technical skills and in a quick time.

Your users surely have a hard time dealing with PDFs if they are reading them on their smartphones and tablets. They have to continually zoom in and zoom out to go through PDFs. Further, reading a PDF file calls for a lot of panning around.

2. Mobile compatibility

Without a doubt, mobile internet users are growing across the world. And if you are providing them with something which is not mobile friendly, you are actually going to miss a lot of business. A modern PDF to flipbook converter online offers mobile compatibility. You can make digital flipbooks that are compatible with all devices. You will have a peace of mind that your readers can view your content effortlessly and conveniently on their mobile phones.

3. Site compatibility

If you integrate PDF(s) in your website, the user has to have a 3rd party PDF viewer in his system such as Adobe PDF viewer. This makes the reader install a 3rd party module or plug in his computer. On the other hand, if you integrate a digital flipbook in your website, your readers do not need to install 3rd party module or plug in to view it.

4. Multimedia incorporation

At the present time and age, when a plethora of content is being uploaded on the web, it becomes very difficult for a business owner to impress his readers and customers. To make your content interesting and engaging, you need to add videos, animations, HD images, links, and much more into it. However, unfortunately, a PDF does not allow you to add such interactive elements into it. But, thanks to digital flipbooks, they facilitate you to add all the interactive components into them. As a result, you can make your content stand out with the help of a PDF to flipbook converter online.

5. Sharing

People these days have a habit of sharing content with their friends and colleagues that they find interesting. In this way, the content becomes viral.  They also like to share via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, in addition to direct emailing. If you make your content in a digital flipbook, your readers can effortlessly and conveniently share it. On the contrary, if you imprison your content in a PDF, it becomes difficult for your readers to share it. PDF files are generally heavy and need a third party plug in to view (as discussed above). And many times they can’t be shared on social media platforms.

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