PDF flipbook creator software for you

PDF flipbook creator software is a professional software program that can help users to convert PDF files into flipbooks. The program supports converting PDF files into feature-rich HTML5 format. The output quality is high and the conversion speed is fast. With this software, you can create your own flipbook from PDF files, which will be more interesting and attractive.

The following are some of the features of this software:

Convert PDF to flipbook easily

This software offers you an easy way to convert your PDF files into a digital flipping book with high quality. All you need is to upload your PDF file and click the “Convert” button. Just wait for 2-3 minutes and your all high-quality flipping book is all ready to use and share.

Add multimedia components to your flipbook

With this software, you can add multimedia components for instance HD photos, videos and soundtracks into your flipbook easily without any knowledge about programming skills or HTML coding knowledge. It also provides a lot of customization options such as you can add your brand logo and choose a color palette that goes according to your taste or brand.

Track user metrics

You can track user metrics in real-time and find out every detail that will help you to create result-driven marketing campaigns.

It’s time to accept digital flipbooks and renounce PDFs

PDFs are great for sharing documents, but they’re not the best format for every type of content.

Here are a few of the most common drawbacks:

  • They can’t be edited on an iPad or iPhone. PDFs are created using specific software or application, and they don’t change when you move them to another device. So if you’re editing a document on an iPad, you need to use Apple’s own Pages app — there’s no way to edit a PDF in Microsoft Word or Google Docs on an iPad.
  • They can’t be updated easily. If you want to make changes to a document that’s already been converted into PDF format, you’ll need to re-convert it into another format first.
  • They take up lots of space on your hard drive — and the cloud too! Because PDFs are essentially files with text and images embedded in them rather than being separate files, they take up more space than other types of documents do. This is especially true if there are lots of images in your document (and there usually are). The bigger your file is, the longer it takes for it to upload to the cloud and become available online; plus, large files eat up more bandwidth when people try accessing them over.
  • Another problem with PDFs is that they are not secure. Anyone who has access to your file can view its contents without having to enter a password or take any other steps beyond opening the file itself. This makes it easy for someone else to see confidential information such as financial records or medical records if they get their hands on one of your documents in this format and want to take a look at what’s inside.
  • They aren’t interactive. You can’t use hyperlinks in PDFs, so they don’t work well if you want people to click on something and get more information. Similarly, there’s no way for users to interact with each other through the document — there’s no sharing of comments or feedback.

Selecting a PDF flipbook creator software provider

It is a conversion tool that can help you convert your PDF files into flipbooks instantly. The following are tips for selecting a PDF flipbook creator software provider:

  1. The speed of converting PDF to flipbook
  2. The quality of output files
  3. The price of the software
  4. Ease of use
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