How to create a flipbook using flipping book software

This article talks about how to create a flipbook via flipping book software. Let’s begin.

Without a doubt, a flipping book is a great format for digital publishing. It is a great manner to create and distribute your digital magazines, digital catalogs, digital brochures, and more. You can also enhance your flipbooks with interactivities, branding, look and feel, and content security. A high quality flipping book software program can make the creation and distribution of flipping books easy and fun.

A flipping book can help you get the best of print and digital publishing. You can create and distribute the flipbooks digitally, nevertheless, it still provides the feel of a traditional paper printed book in view of the fact its pages can be flipped.

More often than not, flipbooks have a responsive user interface. They are completely mobile ready. They can work smoothly on all devices, be it iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android devices, etc.

In this write up, we discuss how to create a flipping book using flipping book software.

Getting started

The foremost thing you need to create a flipping book is a PDF file. If you have your file in a format other PDF, then first you have to convert it into a PDF. Not to mention, the process of converting your file format into a PDF format is easy. If you search for a website that can help you convert your file into a PDF file, you will locate several.  The process s is often fast and free of charge.

Choosing a software online

Now that you have your file in a PDF format, you have to choose a flipping book software program online. The market of the flipping book industry is growing leaps and bounds; as a result, a quick Google search can provide you with a number of options to choose from. However, explore a few options and pick one that best caters to your digital publishing requirements. No doubt, the price and features are the key pointers to consider. Further, user friendliness is another factor to think about.

Creating a flipping book from PDF

The process of creating flipbooks is really easy and quick with the help of quality flipbook software. You only need to upload your PDF file into the software and wait for a couple of minutes. The process is automatic, so just sit back and have a sip of coffee. And yes, it’s done! No hassles and technical fuss.


The next thing you need to do is personalization. Not to mention, personalization is an important step to make your flipbooks unique, impressive, and powerful.

You can personalize the theme of your flipbooks and make it in a way so that suits your brand. You can also personalize it as per your website or simply as per your preference.

A quality flipping book software program also allows you to play with colors.

Embedding interactivities

As soon as you are done with the personalization part, you can embed interactivities in your digital flipbooks. 

The software typically allows you to add videos, animations, pop-ups, background music, and much more.

Privacy and security

The next thing step is to set up privacy in your flipbooks. The choice is yours whether to make your publications private or public. You can also restrict download and print options if you want. Generally, there are a lot of privacy settings to choose from.


The final step is to share your publications with your friends, customers, prospective customers, and more. You can use email or social media to share it. Further, you can generate a QR code for sharing your publications like a modern individual. Easy share options can definitely help to increase your readership quickly. You can use also Convert your magazines, newspapers, ebooks, and more into interactive flipbooks using Enhanc.

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