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Have you ever thought about what precisely the new term ‘carbon footprint’ implies? As per definition, our carbon footprint is the ‘complete set of greenhouse gas emissions because of companies, events, and people’. These carbon dioxide emissions might destroy the environment of Earth, and of late, many meetings and conferences have been held around the world regarding how to limit them in our activities of everyday living. The process of converting a tree into a paper printed publication such as a book, magazine, marketing flyer, catalog, brochure, newspaper, or even an annual business report has come under evaluation owing to the amount of gas emissions that took place in the creation. Eco friendly is an endeavor to lessen the size of the footprint in this procedure by making mindful choices to save virgin wood fiber.  A good way to carry out green or eco-friendly publishing is using digital publishing software.

The publishing industry, besides other readable materials places over millions of pages of new marketing each year. At the present time, just nearly 20 percent of published materials come from eco friendly publishing, with the help of recycled paper. This really represents a dramatic increase in the last some years.

When one views the whole procedure of tree to book, there are a lot of things to think about. Cutting of trees outside of tree farms impacts land conditions & wildlife habitats. Pulp mills should manage water, energy, & pollution problems. Shipping also makes use of fuel & adds to gas emissions, polluting the air more. The method of printing uses chemicals over and above natural resources. In the end, there is the waste blocking up the landfills. Success with eco friendly publishing can affect all steps since the more recycled paper is utilized calling for less virgin tree fiber from natural forests and causing less waste.

A great alternative for traditional paper printed publishing is digital publishing. It is far more eco friendly as compared to old school publishing. Nevertheless, a lot of people argue that the creation of electronic readers such as an iPad and Kindle leaves a huge carbon footprint on the environment. A lot of energy and materials are consumed up to create an electronic reader. Further, a lot of energy is consumed up to run it. However, if we compare it with traditional publishing that consumes a lot of natural resources; digital publishing is still a more eco friendly option.

Further, a digital publishing software program can save publishers, authors, and business owners a lot of dollars. If they go digital, they can cut down on paper costs, printing costs, transportation costs, warehouse costs, and more. By turning digital, their return on investment or ROI can be higher. At the present time, traditional publishing houses are facing challenging times as they have to pay the renting costs, staffing costs, author advances, and much more, while their circulation revenue has been seriously impacted. As a result, they have gone digital out of compulsion. But they have taken a step towards a greener environment though.

Digital publishing saves natural resources

It is said that turning digital also involves certain costs, but it involves far less cost than doing the publishing conventionally. Embracing digitization means less cutting of trees, less usage of ink, less usage of chemicals, less usage of gasoline, less usage of space, and more. It also implies that there will be fewer huge warehouses and wasteful paper mills.

You can also turn digital with the help of digital publishing software and contribute significantly to the efforts of saving the environment. You can explore your options by searching on Google or any other search engine.

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