Advantages of magazines and online magazine subscriptions

This article talks about the advantages of magazines and online magazine subscriptions. Further, it talks about why digital magazines are better than their printed counterparts.

One of the finest hobbies on the globe is reading. Without a doubt, reading always rejuvenates and enlightens you and further makes you feel you are doing something productive. It also relaxes you. This is the reason why a lot of us like to read a nice magazine before going to bed. Some choose to relax lazy afternoons with a magazine in one hand and a packet of chips in the other while lying on the couch. In the present time, magazines are becoming much better, and are far more engaging as compared to they were earlier.

Traditional paper printed publishers

Today, traditional paper printed publishers have to turn digital in order to stay in the market. People nowadays like to do everything on their digital devices and that does not exempt reading. People like to read magazines on their smartphones and tabular computers. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of magazines and online magazine subscriptions.

In the present time, you will discover online magazines on a range of topics for instance fashion, glamour, travel, men’s health and fitness, Hollywood, and much more.

Delivery on time

The advantage of online magazines and online magazine subscriptions is that when you subscribe to a specific magazine, you would get each issue delivered to your device on time. You do not have to go to the stalls to pick the latest issue. As a result, you would never miss an issue of your favorite magazine and could keep yourself up to date on what is taking place at all times. You can immediately get the issue in your hand as soon as the publisher wants it to share with you.

 In the case of paper printed magazines, you have to update your address with the publishing house each time you move; however, with online magazines, there is no issue as such. In case of a change of information, you can easily do it in your profile.

Lower pricing

Online magazines creates with fewer expenses and overheads as compared to conventional paper printed magazines. As a result, online magazine subscriptions are a lot cheaper than when you buy paper magazines from a newsstand. Just pay only a very less amount and have your favorite online magazine delivered right in your reading device.

Back issues

Missing an issue of your fav magazine implies spending a lot of money to order a back issue. Back issues more often than not run higher as compared to the newsstand price & provisions for the missing magazine issues can’t be assured by the distributor in case of paper printed magazines. On the other hand, digital publishers have unlimited archiving. As a result, you can always get a back issue without having to pay anything extra.

Easy payment options

You can easily pay for your online magazine subscriptions through payment gateways present on the publisher’s websites. Also, opt for a recurring payment option. You can also select annual payment options in order to save some money. More often than not, digital magazine publishers offer discounts if you select a yearly payment option.


Unlike a paper printed magazine, you can purchase a digital magazine from anywhere you want. Also, You can purchase while traveling in a train, bus, or car, or while sipping coffee at a coffee shop, or anywhere you have some free time. In the same way, digital magazines can be read at any place you want. You can read them while travelling or waiting in a queue. The best thing about digital magazines is that you can take them in any quantity to anywhere without traveling heavy. Paper printed magazines always make a mess and need space in your luggage if you want to take them with you on your vacation trips.

The bottom line

When it comes to the advantages of magazines, you can get more in digital format as compared to paper printed format. Nevertheless, paper printed magazines do offer some benefits which are difficult to get in digital format. For instance, the glossy texture, shiny pages, and scented smell produced by a paper magazine can never be felt in a digital magazine. But no doubt, digital is the future because of the cost benefits, eco-friendly nature, global connectivity, and more such benefits.

You can read more advantages of magazines on the web.

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